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Why not make SAORVIEW part of your daily entertainment?  Get all of your favourite TV channels, free High definition sports and movies, and   a choice of equipment options from basic to really clever. Choosing SAORVIEW means no monthly bills, ever. And you can add to your home entertainment options with free satellite channels avaliable via a SAORVIEW Approved Combi box or TV.

Your equipment choice can not only save you money, it can add convenience to your TV viewing that includes instant recording, rewind and Series link with the SAORVIEW PLUS+ PVR,  so there’s no need to miss any of the action on the pitch!

Getting SAORVIEW is simple – just plug your rooftop aerial into your SAORVIEW Approved box or TV and start enjoying Ireland’s favourite TV content, free of unnecessary monthly bills. Talk to your local TV retailer or installer about your SAORVIEW options today.

Always insist on SAORVIEW Approved products – they are guaranteed to work with SAORVIEW, so don’t settle for anything else. Look out for the SAORVIEW Approved logo or ask your local retailer about SAORVIEW Approved TVs and set-top-boxes.