Advice for people who receive UK overspill signal

I live in ROI, near the border, can I receive the UK channels such as BBC
and UTV with my aerial?

The analogue signal was switched off on 24 October 2012 in both ROI and NI.  If you had previously received the analogue UK services through an aerial because of signal overspill, you will most likely continue to receive those channels. When you switch to SAORVIEW, you will more than likely pick up the UK digital service named Freeview on your SAORVIEW set top box or SAORVIEW TV set.


I live in Northern Ireland,  can I receive the Irish channels through my aerial?

 The SAORVIEW free to air digital television service reaches many viewers in NI as a result of overspill from ROI. SAORVIEW coverage in NI will closely resemble the old analogue signal overspill. To receive SAORVIEW, you will still need your aerial, and also a set top box or TV set capable of receiving SAORVIEW. A Freeview HD box or TV will more than likely work for SAORVIEW*, but a Freeview box or TV more than likely will not work. Any set top box or TV set branded as SAORVIEW approved will be fully compatible with the SAORVIEW service.

*Freeview HD products may display SAORVIEW channels in a different order in the channel
listings and EPG. Clock functions may be incorrect. Text, subtitles and Audio Description functions may not work.



I live in Northern Ireland is there any way I can get SAORVIEW?
First of all, check the SAORVIEW online coverage checker to see if your household in Northern Ireland is in a SAORVIEW coverage area. If it is, then you should consult a local, competent aerial installer. If you are not in a SAORVIEW coverage area, you may be able to receive some of the Irish channels on the Northern Ireland multiplex (NI Mux) carried on the UK Freeview HD service. The “NI Mux”  carries RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TG4 and RnaG. To receive the NI Mux you will need a Freeview HD box or TV set. To find out if you are in an area covered by the NI Mux, please check with Digital UK