Saorview Approved equipment is designed to meet your TV entertainment needs. From the basic Set Top Box, to fully featured SAORVIEW TVs, your SAORVIEW retailer has something to offer. Roll over the icons on this page to see information on the various product types, and what they offer.

Click to see listings of each product type by manufacturer. And always ask for SAORVIEW Approved products – it’s your guarantee that you will receive the maximum benefits of your FREE Digital TV service.

A SAORVIEW Approved Set Top Box can be connected to an existing TV set to allow it to receive SAORVIEW channels. It’s ideal if you have a spare TV, whether it’s in a second bedroom or holiday home. All of your favourite SAORVIEW channels for minimum cost.
Saorview Set Top Box
The SAORVIEW Approved Combi receiver, when connected to your existing TV, allows you to receive all of your favourite Irish channels on SAORVIEW, and it has a built-in satellite tuner that you can use to receive a wide range of Free-to-Air UK and international channels. Want to add more to your TV? Talk to your retailer about SAORVIEW Approved Combi options.
Saorview Combi
Set Top Box
Remember your old VCR? And those piles of tapes? This neat little SAORVIEW Approved Set-Top Box does away with all of that clutter and allows you to record hundreds of hours of TV. You can pause and rewind live TV, record one channel while watching another, and Series Link your favourite dramas for when YOU are ready to watch them. The SAORVIEW Plus PVR is your way to take full control of your favourite Irish TV stations, with minimum fuss and maximum convenience.
Saorview Plus PVR
Ready for an upgrade? If you’re buying a new TV, your retailer has a wide range of new sets with SAORVIEW Approved tuners built in. One remote control. High definition as standard. Easy to use, and minimum clutter on your TV cabinet.
Saorview Approved TV
A SAORVIEW Approved Combi TV will allow you to combine your favourite SAORVIEW channels with Free-to-Air satellite TV, allowing you a wide choice of additional UK and international channels. One remote, no extra boxes, no clutter. Talk to your retailer about SAORVIEW Combi TV.
Saorview Approved
Combi TV