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Rescan guide

This is a general guide, if possible refer to the instruction book for your TV or box if available.

How to rescan your channels

Before you begin make sure your Saorview box or TV are switched on and that you have your remote control.

Rescan Steps

Press ‘Menu’ or 'Home’ on the remote control for your Saorview box or TV.

Rescan Steps

Find ‘Installation’, ‘Settings’ or ‘Setup’ and select it.

Rescan Steps

If asked, select ‘DTT’, ‘Terrestrial’ or ‘Saorview’ tuning options.

Rescan Steps

Select the 'Automatic Channel Scan' or 'Terrestrial Automatic Scan' option and press OK to start the rescan. If prompted, press OK to delete existing channels.

Rescan Steps

If prompted to select a type of rescan, select ‘Digital’, ‘Digital Aerial’, ‘DTT’ or ‘Terrestrial’.

Rescan Steps

When the scan is completed, select ‘Save’ to save the new channel line up and exit the menu.

Has the rescan finished?

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