Saorview Connect

The Future of Free TV has landed

The all new, all amazing Saorview Connect – still no contract and no monthly bills

Our new interface

See what's on now, next or catch-up on the shows you missed (where available). See the best of the week’s TV picked for you or search the next and last 7 days for the shows you want to watch. All this in both English and Irish.

Saorview Connect - New Interface
Saorview Connect - New Interface
Saorview Connect - New Interface

All kinds of control

Our Universal Remote puts the power in your hands making it all easy to use. On Demand gives access to a growing list of online TV players. The Saorview app allows you to find, remind and even control your TV.

Saorview Connect - New Interface
Universal Remote
Saorview Connect - New Interface
On Demand
Saorview Connect - New Interface
The Saorview App

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver a premium quality TV experience for free. Saorview Connect is mission achieved. Saorview Connect is your gateway to the future of Free TV.

Our Mission
No Contract No Monthly Bills

Easy set-up

Connect a Saorview Connect box to an aerial and you're done. Connect it to broadband and you can supercharge it.

In Stores Now

Saorview Connect - the future of free tv

Connect to

  • Aerial

  • Broadband

  • Satellite

  • USB Hard Drive

    Coming soon. Record to external USB hard drive with a software upgrade due in 2019.

This box includes a satellite tuner so if you connect to a satellite dish you can access additional free TV channels. Lots of features like remote record and PVR are on their way in 2019.

We are aiming to launch more products from next year, including a box without a satellite tuner, and a Saorview Connect TV. Whatever your set-up you will be able to enjoy Saorview.

This is our first product which you can connect to an aerial and the internet to get the full Saorview Connect experience. Welcome to the Future of Free TV. Check out our FAQs for more information on the best ways to connect to the internet.

Get Saorview Connect from the following retailers

Get Saorview Connect from the following retailers
Limited Offer
Get Saorview Connect

Whats better than a new super charged Saorview Connect box? A trade in deal on one!

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Saorview Connect retailers are running a limited time trade-in offer.

Bring in your old Saorview box and get a discount on a brand new, supercharged Saorview Connect box. For details call into your local Saorview retailer or click here for more information.

Expand your experience with Saorview ID

Saorview ID

Set up your Saorview ID (it’s super simple), download our app, pair with Saorview Connect and start controlling your TV from the phone in your pocket. Find your show, set reminders and remote record*, all on the go.

*Remote record available on Saorview Connect with a software update scheduled for 2019.

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