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Saorview. Flexible, Free TV

07 April 2020

Why choose Saorview?
Contract TV can offer a mix of options to TV viewers but the market is changing. Many Irish homes now have access to a wide range of viewing options. Online streaming is more popular than ever and there’s lots of free-to-air choice available. Many households can pick and choose between these to find a mix that suits them. With more of us at home than ever before this mix must be versatile and affordable while letting each of us watch what we want, how we want.

Saorview offers some of Ireland’s most-watched TV programmes; it's easy to set up and has no contract or monthly bills. It would make a great addition to any Irish household. Connect an aerial to a Saorview approved TV or box, do a quick tune-in and you're done. You get immediate access to a great choice of trusted news, entertainment, comedy, drama, movies, documentaries and factual content with no additional commitment.

Get Saorview in a bedroom, box-room or kitchen. Add your favourite online TV or movie service, or connect to a satellite dish for even more free-to-air choice in addition to Saorview. And consider Saorview Connect – the service that combines your favourite channels with online content, series link recording and programme recommendations to give you a multitude of options.

Just add an aerial
For viewers in many cities it may be possible to receive Saorview with an indoor aerial, depending on your location. Alternatively you may have an outdoor aerial already wired into a room. If either is available to you, why not connect your TV and try a quick tune-in? And if you’re lucky enough to have more than one TV in your home, it may be possible to get Saorview in every room by connecting an aerial to each. Getting Saorview can be as simple and flexible as that.

For advice on how to get Saorview, or to find out more, check out your local TV retailer or installer or call our helpdesk at 1890-222012.

Saorview. For Flexible, Free TV.