Service Update Get ready to record with Saorview Connect

Saorview Connect – recording software upgrade

11 October 2018

Saorview is about to introduce a significant software upgrade to your Saorview Connect box.

This upgrade will enable the box to record to an external USB hard drive, and to pause, fast forward and rewind live TV. It will be possible to record one programme while watching another. Recording will be possible on both Saorview and satellite channels.

These features will be available on the Powerpoint DXD7025 box that you may already have purchased.

The recording upgrade had originally been planned for mid-2018, but had unfortunately been postponed a few months for operational reasons. We apologise for this delay, and are happy to announce that the planned release date for the software is 5th November. The actual date could be a little earlier or later, depending on what issues are found in the public beta testing (see below). We appreciate that the postponement has been frustrating for some customers, but we do not want to deliver a substandard experience by cutting corners at this stage.

Before this upgrade is published to all boxes, we will do some final beta* testing with a small group of users. This is in order to identify any bugs remaining, and to evaluate customer feedback for future upgrades.

If you wish to participate in this public test, please email [email protected] in the first instance with your contact details. We will select a number of respondents to participate in the beta test group and follow up with details of how to participate if you are selected.

*Beta testing is a common means of testing new software or product upgrades among a selected group of users. It is commonly used by mobile phone and computer manufacturers for final testing of a new software release before it goes live to all customers. Beta software may carry some minor bugs or glitches but is generally complete. If for any reason you wish to return to the previous version of software, you can email us with the details and we can reverse the change. Also please be aware that the focus of the beta testing is finding and fixing bugs, not adding new features.