Most households already have a UHF aerial which should be able to receive the SAORVIEW service. If a consumer needs an installer to either adjust or replace their aerial, SAORVIEW recommends that they contact one of the three professional trade bodies listed below for a registered member in their area.

The aerial installation trade in Ireland is unregulated at present. SAORVIEW is not in a position to establish the competence of any aerial installer and therefore there is no such thing as a SAROVIEW installer.  SAORVIEW has entered into agreements with three installer registration bodies.  Each of the three bodies assesses prospective members prior to accepting them for membership. Factors assessed include:  competence to carry out aerial installation work, adequacy of public liability and professional insurance, Health & Safety, adherence to the HAS’s Working at Heights guidelines, and the use of proper materials.   The following organisations are recognised by SAORVIEW :
• Confederation of Aerial Industries Ltd.
• Irish Satellite and Aerial Association
• National Guild of Master Craftsmen

In addition, the SAORVIEW logo has been incorporated into the logos of the three bodies confirming that they are “recognised by SAORVIEW” and the year for which this recognition is valid, namely 2012. This modified logo may be used by an installer member of one of the three member bodies for the period of one year.

The modified logo may be used by an installer on a work vehicle to confirm the installer’s membership of the installer registration body and that this body recognised by SAORVIEW. The use of the modified logo does not confer any recognition of the installer by SAORVIEW. The modified logo may be used on the installer’s printed material and website to communicate that the installer is a member of an installation body recognised by SAORVIEW. The modified logo may not be used on clothing or in any other way.
The installer registration bodies are obliged to ensure compliance on logo use by their members in accordance with their formal agreements with SAORVIEW. Furthermore, the installer bodies using this modified logo must ensure:

• The modified logo must indicate the calendar year for which it is valid.
• The SAORVIEW Brand Guidelines will be adhered to by the installer body and its members.
• The use of the SAORVIEW logo or the word “SAORVIEW” by installers is not permitted, and installer bodies must take all reasonable steps, culminating in cessation of membership to ensure that their members do not misuse the SAORVIEW logo or name.
• The installer bodies will monitor the use of the modified logo and take all reasonable efforts to prevent its unauthorised use (by unregistered installers and others).
• Where the installer body deregisters an installer, it will ensure that the deregistered installer ceases to use the modified logo with immediate effect.


Installers may only use the SAORVIEW logo on promotional material in relation to the provision of SAORVIEW-Approved receivers. The logo may not be used in connection with aerials, cables or any other installation materials. Installers may not describe themselves as SAORVIEW-Approved, SAORVIEW-registered, or suggest in any way that they are endorsed by SAORVIEW. The SAORVIEW logo cannot be used on clothing, vehicles or in any other way.